Date: 2/18/18 4:18 am
From: Sandy <sandyselesky...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Cape Ann Saturday
Lots of Red-breasted mergs close up at Jodrey Pier. While photographing them around 1, a Razorbill suddenly popped up very close to the side pier near the fishing boats. It dove immediately and popped up on the opposite side of the water. Another quick dive and it was gone! I managed a few photos. 3 very close long-tailed ducks, a very close harbor seal checking me out, and at least 4 common loons (images of 2 catching crabs). Groups of Common Eider and Scaup.
One fairly close thick-billed murre at Bass Rocks. A large flock of Bufflehead flew in as I was leaving.
Got to Cathedral Ledge around 4. Sky was overcast but a group of birders showed up with scopes and quickly located a dovekie! After many tries and many misses in over 30 years of birding, finally!!! A lifer for me and even though not that close it stopped diving after a bit and just swam along and raised its body up and flapped its wings every few minutes above the water so that I was able to get some pictures with my big lens. (Will still have to crop A LOT!!) (Also lots of Harlequin ducks, Scaup, Eider, bufflehead there as well.)
Great day at Cape Ann!

Sandy Selesky

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