Date: 2/17/18 5:05 pm
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Woodcocks at Ninestone!
I went out a few times morning and evening last week to listen for Woodcocks, but they were silent or had not yet arrived. Last night's rain seems to have made their haunts here more inviting.

As a Barred Owl and Screech Owl called across the creek, and the sliver of a new moon nestled into the pines, I heard 4 Woodcocks peenting. They began their twittery flights and I was fortunate to hear two of them singing at the apex of their arcs…somewhere above.

Near the house and savanna they dance over woods and stream, launching and landing both in sight and out of sight. Even out in the larger fields they disappear over hedgerows.

I'm always thrilled to "find" them on the GBBC weekend.

Ninestone, Carroll County
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