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I'm not sure the seed is bad. I buy a huge bag, and they were loving it, as usual, up until December 10th. Then they were gone. But I'll try a new bag. Maybe a different kind. 
The deer finished off the last if the sunflower and safflower mix in the new tube feeder last night (that the birds loved SO much for one whole day), so I'll wash out that feeder and refill with a different kind. 
The thistle seed wasn't touched this winter at all, so I brought that in a couple of weeks ago. 
I also bought some "deer off" things that you can hang in the yard. It's not supposed to bother birds, squirrels or chipmunks, etc, but it's supposed to repel the deer. We'll find out! 
KathyBy the lake in Webster

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Deer eat at and near our birdfeeders frequently.  Birds appear undeterred,
relishing black oil seed, "no mess" blend, and niger seed.  However they
refuse to eat a millet mix (red and white) purchased from a low price big box
store.  Some brands contain too much preservative (not listed on bags) which
the birds can smell.  Paying more might help.

Marty Sanden

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> Hi Kathy,
> At our house, birds are not deterred by deer in any way. However, we had
> something similar happen, and it turned out it was the seed.  Not sure if
> it was a bad batch of seed, but we threw out all the seed and started with
> fresh, and the birds came right back to the same feeder.
> Interestingly, the birds will not touch safflower in any of our feeders or
> on the ground.  And last year, not one bird ate any thistle. Another birder
> last year had the same issue with thistle. So, we stopped putting out
> thistle.
> Happy Birding!
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