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Subject: Re: Bilateral gynandromorph - technical
No mention if there is any difference in taste or tenderness from one side
to the next.

Would the female side be delicious like a capon or would the whole chicken
be more appropriate for the pot, like an rooster?

Jeff Short

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Subject: Bilateral gynandromorph - technical

Hi, All... this has piqued my interest as I have not heard of this
before... I have attached a recent paper that is the best explanation that
I have found, but it is pretty technical... okay, very technical... :-)

There are two situations that need to be explained: male on the right and
female on the left and male on the left and female on the right... male on
the right can be pretty straight forward... most female birds have only one
functional ovary on the left and the right one is suppressed by estrogen...
if something happened to the left ovary, the right "ovary" might become a
testis in the absence of estrogen and so the right side would become male
and the left side would be female if the timing is correct during
development... it turns out that testosterone plays almost no role in sex
determination of birds... I didn't know that...

The female on the right and male on the left is much harder to explain and
it has to do with the influence of hormones on somatic tissue and not on
gonadal tissue. Again, the timing of this influence during development is
important and there may actually be some things happening before
fertilization that influences this...

Initially, researchers thought that the XY sex chromosomes of mammals were
analogous to the ZW chromosomes of birds, but we now know that this is not
correct... the ZW chromosomes are quite different...

Cheers, Kim

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