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Deer eat at and near our birdfeeders frequently. Birds appear undeterred,
relishing black oil seed, "no mess" blend, and niger seed. However they
refuse to eat a millet mix (red and white) purchased from a low price big box
store. Some brands contain too much preservative (not listed on bags) which
the birds can smell. Paying more might help.

Marty Sanden

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> Hi Kathy,
> At our house, birds are not deterred by deer in any way. However, we had
> something similar happen, and it turned out it was the seed. Not sure if
> it was a bad batch of seed, but we threw out all the seed and started with
> fresh, and the birds came right back to the same feeder.
> Interestingly, the birds will not touch safflower in any of our feeders or
> on the ground. And last year, not one bird ate any thistle. Another birder
> last year had the same issue with thistle. So, we stopped putting out
> thistle.
> Happy Birding!
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