Date: 2/16/18 5:04 pm
From: Ed Laster <elaster523...>
Subject: Swans
I sent this as a reply to Jerry Butler’s question about the presence of Swans at Magness Lake but it didn’t show up in my email. Since the Common Mergansers are so uncommon, I’ll sent it this way.

I know it is too late for this to be of value today, but Terry Butler, my granddaughter and I visited Magness Lake today and found no Swans.

We did however get great views of 4 Common Merganser, all adult female. Lots of Ring-necked duck, a lone Bufflehead and a Bald Eagle that scattered a nearby group of ducks.

The swans were present at the Hiram Rd. pond close to Hwy. 110. About 70 Trumpeters and 2 Tundra with a lone snow goose that looked pretty bewildered standing among this group.

Ed Laster
Little Rock
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