Date: 2/16/18 11:27 am
From: Brauning, Daniel <dbrauning...>
Subject: BBS vacancies
This is my annual notice of vacancies! We have vacancies in bird survey routes across the state - particularly in south-western counties this year.

What vacancies? Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) route vacancies, of course! Several BBS routes need volunteer observers this coming June - see the list below. BBS is the most important breeding-bird monitoring program on the Continent. The commitment is minimal - one morning in June per year (once you've become familiar with the route). This survey necessitates close adherence to an established protocol, a rigorous time-table (3 minutes per stop), and will challenge your attention and bird-ID skills. But otherwise, it's a lot of fun! So please consider joining the ranks of Doug Gross, Margaret Higbee, and many others who annually contribute their knowledge of breeding birds!

So, if you would like to know more and would be willing to consider taking one of the routes listed below for a multi-year period, I am eager to talk with you.

The home-page of the BBS is here:

Excellent identification by ear is a basic requirement. Various web sites can help train and test your abilities.<> provides many resources, including training tools and a testing center. Try the practice test: it's pretty real!

The BBS recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Lots has been written about the results - the data drive many bird-conservation priorities now. I could go on about this, but there's no question your BBS route rolls up into very important data! Check this out:

Where? The following routes are available right now, starting with southeastern counties. Please contact me.

- Duval - Washington Co.

- Warren's Mill - Somerset Co.

- Laurel Hill - Westmoreland going E into Somerset cos

- Whig Hill - Forest going N into Warren cos

- Rasselas - Elk Co.

- Chatham - Chester Co

THANKS for your interest.

Daniel Brauning
PA BBS Coordinator
PA Game Commission
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