Date: 2/16/18 11:15 am
From: Stuart via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Delayed observations S.E. owls et al Middleburg.
Hi all: 

Sorry about the lateness of this account.

2/07 about 3: 30

Had about 8 S.E. owls floating in and above the swales of the field by St. Mary's County.

They seemed to like these low hills as a hiding flight before trying for a kill.

Some acoustical irritation for the owls from periodic firecracker noise far back in the opposite corn field.

Had a nice  view of a red-tail mantling earlier on my trek up here.

And a kestrel mobbing another r.t.

Also had a r.s. hawk in beautiful light perched on a very irregular stump earlier.

A second r.t. hawk perched.



Had only 2 s.e. owls at the same field this time around..

A bonus was 20 meadowlarks also landing in this field.

One or 2 would pop up at a time like one of those circus shooting galleries!

A owl appeared to make a grab for one.

Good birding all.


Stuart Merrell

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