Date: 2/16/18 10:47 am
From: Bert Harris via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [Va-bird] N. Saw-whet Owl (Shenandoah NP area, Augusta County)--still around?
Hi all,

I see that searches for this owl on January 24th and February 15th were
unsuccessful. Has anyone else tried for the bird? Any positive or negative
reports would be appreciated!

Thank you,
Bert Harris, Orlean, VA

On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 8:38 PM, Gabriel Mapel via va-bird <
<va-bird...> wrote:

> Hi all,Allen Larner and I headed up to Shenandoah National Park this
> evening to try for Northern Saw-whet Owls in areas where they've been heard
> during the previous two winters. Our first stop was at Beagle Gap (small
> parking lot on the east side of the road at Mile 99.5 along Skyline Drive,
> not to be confused with Beagle Gap Overlook just south of there). We were
> successful in locating a Saw-whet for the third consecutive winter at
> Beagle Gap. The bird gave the alarm call repeatedly in response to
> playback. We heard it from along the Appalachian Trail (northbound) where
> the trail enters the forest at the backside of the field on the east side
> of Skyline Drive. It was calling from within Augusta County, to the
> northwest of the trail. IMPORTANT NOTE for anyone that tries for this
> bird: playback is strictly prohibited within Shenandoah National Park. The
> boundary of the park runs through the field you'll walk to get to the
> forested edge where we heard this bird from. Once you are halfway through
> the field you are no longer on park property. If you choose to sparingly
> use playback like we did, please make sure you are more than halfway
> through the field from the parking lot to the forest edge!
> We also tried for N. Saw-whet Owls farther north in the park along the
> Appalachian Trail near Sawmill Run Overlook in Albemarle County but were
> unsuccessful. This location is well within the park and playback is
> strictly prohibited. Saw-whets have been heard in this location the
> previous two winters responding to non-electronic imitations (which are
> allowed within the park), however, we had no luck with that there tonight.
> On our drive out of the park we saw a Barred Owl in a tree roadside near
> Beagle Gap. If anyone has any questions about the Saw-whet please feel
> free to ask me. Good Birding,Gabriel MapelNew Hope
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