Date: 2/16/18 9:36 am
From: Ashley Peele via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] February VABBA2 Update
Hi Folks,

After our winter hiatus, Atlas activities are beginning to pick up with
reports rolling in for early breeders like American Woodcock, Great-horned
Owl, and Red-tailed Hawk.

For those of you not plugged into Atlas social media pages, we wanted to
update you on some important recent Atlas articles.

First, for those of you interested in more detailed information on finding
and reporting American Woodcocks, check out our Atlas article: American
Woodcock, The Forest Species Few Have Seen

Second, we've had a lot of great posts recently about nocturnal surveying.
This is the NUMBER ONE factor currently preventing the completion of over
100 Atlas blocks in the state. We encourage folks to follow the example of
folks in the Northern VA birding community and invest some late
winter/early spring birding effort into nocturnal surveys. Two visits,
totaling at least 4 hours of survey time, can wrap up a block and allow us
to call it complete. Check out this article for more info on nocturnal
species and surveying: Atlasing After Dark: an introduction to nocturnal

If you still have questions about nocturnal surveys, please reach out to
myself or your local Atlas regional coordinator whose email can be found

Also, remember that the Atlas eBird tools make it easy to figure out which
blocks do or do not have nocturnal survey time in your area. Simply go to
our eBird portal at, then click the *Explore *button
at top of screen. Next, click '*Explore a Region*', enter your county of
interest, and select '*Blocks*' tab on the county summary page. Bingo!
Handy list of all blocks in the county, including the nocturnal survey

We will be pushing out more detailed block completion info to the Atlas
community in March, along with more information on what blocks to focus on
for 2018.

This year is the midpoint for the Atlas project and we're excited to get
rolling. Stay tuned for information about spring training sessions, rally
weekends, and new Atlas tools for 2018.

Happy Birding,

Ashley Peele, PhD
Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas Coordinator
Conservation Management Institute - Virginia Tech
Office: 540-231-9182
Fax: 540-231-7019
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