Date: 2/16/18 12:19 am
From: Will Britton <000001a332fa81de-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Prairie Merlin - BKNWR
Hello all,

I'm in town for a couple days and figured I'd hit up my old stomping
grounds today. Plenty of the expected waterfowl for this time of year were
present but I was treated to a prairie subspecies Merlin perching on the
lines along Coal Chute Rd. I've seen a handful of Merlins at the refuge
but this was my first "prairie" there. I believe Glenn Wyatt photographed
one there last winter as well. Merlins are generally quite easy to ID to
subspecies so I try to include subspecies when I eBird them, and I
encourage others to do the same. The taiga subspecies is the one most
commonly seen in Arkansas. Although I'm sure there are more sightings, I
could only find two other prairie Merlin records in eBird for the state.

Happy Birding

Will Britton

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