Date: 2/14/18 1:16 am
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Carver Anna's Hummingbirds
In previous years I've 'bragged' about large numbers of
Anna's hummers here, but it is just the opposite this winter.
Hardly any at all, more about 10x fewer than the previous few years.
I wonder why, given that large numbers have been reported
from the coast. But, a few seem to be showing up now.
In previous years I had the feeder outside a north facing
window on one side of our dining room, but I moved it
to an adjacent west facing window during he winter so
it was closer to an electric plug for a heater. months ago.
The few wintering Anna's now know where the feeder is.

In the last couple of days a male and a female showed up which went
to the window of last year and hovered around the former spot
looking for the feeder. This is not at all unusual for them to
remember a location of a moved feeder. But, these hummers, presumably
had not been here for months, yet when they returned they
remembered where the feeder had been. Eventually they
found the moved feeder, only ~12 feet away as measured through
the two windows. Another indication, I believe, that Anna's
have begun to be migratory in northern Oregon. Where they
winter remains a mystery.

Bob OBrien Carver OR

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