Date: 2/14/18 1:07 am
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Armchair Gulling--Sauvie Is. Pellet Plant 1993 redux #2f
I got sidetracked for awhile. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please. But this
is a Western Gull.
All previous have been Slaty-backed, which were said often had dark
feathering around the eyes
that rather hid the fairly large, white eye, while Western Gulls at this
time of year should have
clear white heads and small eyes.
This gull has some dark mottling on the head, a white eye, but perhaps not
a 'larger' white
eye and a slightly bulbous tip to the lower mandible.
Slaty-backed Gull has a so-called ring-of-pearls that is a partial row of
white spots inside
the dark area next to the white primary tips. Neither of the wings,
especially the lower right
photo show these spots, perhaps the best mark.
This isn't a very satisfactory explanation so I hope Phil, Lars or someone
else will
comment further on this gull's ID.
Bob OBrien

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 11:58 PM, Robert O'Brien <baro...> wrote:

> Here is yet another. I have my own idea about this one
> and I promise not to lie later. So decide about this
> gull but don't post any comments for a couple of
> days so other interested parties can look at them
> and disinterested parties can delete them.
> (Hee, hee; that way when I or someone replies,
> this post will reappear in the mailboxes of those
> who deleted them. Serves them right).
> It's not clear which gull will win this tasty morsel,
> but clearly the one on the right is more experienced.
> All 3 photos are of the gull on the right.
> Bob OBrien

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