Date: 2/13/18 8:41 pm
From: Andrew Core <tucsonrba...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] se AZ: Streak-backed Oriole - Tucson
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Deb Paulson and Jocelyn Baker report from 2/13:

We visited the house at 2nd and Anderson to look for the Streak-backed
Oriole twice today and saw it in the afternoon at around 3 pm. In the
morning, work was being done around the house and we saw nothing in the 45
minutes we were in the neighborhood.
The oriole came to the feeder within 10 min. of our arrival in the
afternoon. It left and came back in a few minutes, but flew away
immediately, as a Coopers Hawk landed in the same orange tree. The
Cooper's Hawk sat on the bird bath and was still there when we left 10-15
min. after it arrived.

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thanks Deb & Jocelyn!

Andrew Core
SEAZ RBA Compiler - Tucson, AZ

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:30 PM, Andrew Core wrote:

> The oriole appeared this morning at 10:52am for about 5 seconds - it
> perched on the telephone wire across the road, then flew toward the house
> and disappeared.
> About 20 minutes later it was spotted in the mesquite tree on the side of
> the house, where it stayed for about 20-30 minutes. However, it was
> impossible to see the whole bird at once, and eventually it moved and
> couldn't be seen - even though it was probably still in the tree.
> I heard that around 12:10p it finally came into the orange feeder and then
> posed in the sun in the top of the mesquite for a minute or two.
> The west side of Anderson Blvd is a convenient place to stand and scan,
> and yet far enough from the tree and feeder not to flush the birds. Lots of
> curious and friendly neighbors, too.
> -Andrew Core
> Tucson, AZ
> On Jan 22, 2018, at 7:06 PM, Andrew Core <tucsonrba...> wrote:
> Linda Merrick photographed a Streak-backed Oriole in Tucson this morning
> (9 or 10 am on 1/22). She lives near Speedway & Country Club on the
> southeast corner of E 2nd St. and N Anderson Blvd. She says it's been
> coming to an orange tree on the west side of the house. The tree can be
> viewed from the street - if you're tall enough, the feeder can be as well.
> Chances are it's a wintering bird. Linda first saw it about a week ago,
> but as yet a reliable pattern has not been established. The bird probably
> ranges over the whole neighborhood.
> Thanks to Linda for getting photos and posting them, and being willing to
> have others come look for it! As it is in town, be on your good behavior
> (as I know you will be) and be friendly with the neighbors, who will
> probably wonder why you're there.
> eBird stakeout spot:
> Updates appreciated!

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