Date: 2/13/18 6:49 pm
From: Lars Per Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Washington County tree swallow flock

This is a perfectly normal time for Tree Swallows to return to the lowlands of
western Oregon. They were returning to Cabell Marsh at Finley NWR around
this date in the early 70s, so I am confident it has nothing to do with global
warming. Significant numbers show up regularly in western Oregon, albeit
briefly, in December when there are especially strong low pressure systems
out of the south.
"One swallow doth not a summer make" is a British line. In the UK "swallow"
refers very specifically to what we call the "Barn Swallow". It is not a generic
term and they would call our Tree Swallow a martin. Given that Hirundo rustica
tends to return to nw Oregon and nw Europe the first half of April, its regular
cameos here in Oregon seem a bit anamolous. Half the teams on the Coquille
Valley CBC Jan 1, 2017 recorded some Barn Swallows--on a day filled with
nasty little cold fronts, 24 hours of them. When I looked out my motel door in
Coos Bay at dawn on Jan 2, 2017 it was snowing hard. That's sea level at what
is frequently Oregon's warmest weather station at the time of year. I'm sure
there's a solid explanation, but I've yet to hear it. In the meantime I enjoy not
knowing, even as I (perhaps pointlessly)worry about those (Barn) swallows'
fate. Happy Statehood Day lpn

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