Date: 2/13/18 3:13 pm
From: Deborah Grove <dsg4...>
Subject: WRS in Fulton county -- Golden Eagle and Snow Goose
Greg and I spent 4.75 hours driving 68 miles in Fulton County on a WRS route.
Part of the route was originally one of Dan Snell's CREP routes.

We had two great sightings. As I was driving, I saw a distant bird soaring. We stopped and Greg got the scope on it. It was a Golden Eagle, an uncommon bird. Then later we saw a gaggle of Canada Geese by a creek and a fox trotting close to them. A closer look at the approximately 150 geese revealed a Snow Goose!

Scott Weidensaul reported FOY Red-winged Blackbirds in Schuylkill county. Fulton county is much further south and we did have 1 at one site and 10 at another. We haven't seen any in Huntingdon county yet.


BVs- 5

Red-tails- 23

Kestrels- 6

Red-shoulders- 3

Golden Eagle - 1

Deborah Grove
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