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Subject: IBET Fwd: Impacts of the Federal Budget and Infrastructure Plan
I am forwarding this letter from Openlands calling for action against the
government budget cutting on environmental protections. Take a read. There
is an easy way to automatically contact your representatives to make your
feelings known.
Chuck Berman
Oak Park

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Subject: Fwd: Impacts of the Federal Budget and Infrastructure Plan
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This is terrible. Easy emailing to you reps at end.

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Date: Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 4:45 PM
Subject: Impacts of the Federal Budget and Infrastructure Plan
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Friends and fellow Openlanders,

We want to help translate the impact on conservation of two major proposals
released yesterday in Washington: the Federal budget for the coming fiscal
year and the White House's infrastructure investment plan.

Tucked in the margins of both these plans are devastating attacks on the
places we love and the very foundations of environmental protection. Many
wildly popular conservation programs are completely eliminated. The Federal
Government needs a budget, and an infrastructure plan done well can deliver
secure jobs to American families while building low-carbon public
transportation systems. Both of these proposals, however, are reckless
throwaways sacrificing the environment to the benefit of polluters.

But there is cause for hope: last year, the White House proposed many of
these same cuts and crippling changes, yet together we secured bipartisan
support for these vital programs through persistent and passionate advocacy..
We can do this again. They're betting against our determination, but we can
make our voices heard, letting our leaders know we do not support these
changes, and we can demand that conservation protections are strengthened
across the country.

There are several actions below you can take now, and we will continue to
inform you as negotiations progress on these proposals. If we are to
succeed again, we need you to speak up now.

Please, join us.

Jerry Adelmann
Openlands President & CEO

*The White House's Infrastructure Plan Will Steamroll Environmental
The White House's "Rebuilding Infrastructure in America" plan relies on
scrapping the country's bedrock environmental protections to build new
roads and pipelines. Most troubling among these proposals are:

- The elimination of environmental reviews of infrastructure projects
through the National Environmental Policy Act

- The removal of Clean Water Act environmental reviews of projects that
fill wetlands or dump pollutants into waterways;

- The authorization for Federal agencies to take any Federal lands,
including National Parks, for road and pipeline projects without review.

Openlands is calling on Congress to remove all of these environmentally
destructive proposals from the infrastructure plan
before a vote, and to strengthen conservation laws to better protect our
shared environment. Read on...

Take Action Now
Support Openlands
*The Proposed Federal Budget Again Attempts to Dismantle Conservation
The proposed Federal budget for the coming fiscal year again attempts to
cut many of the programs that support conservation in the Chicago region.

- Funding for the National Heritage Areas (NHAs)
eliminated. NHAs protect the history, culture, ecology, and landscapes of
many important regions in our nation's history such as I&M Canal
National Heritage Corridor.

- Funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)
is reduced by a crippling 90%. The GLRI is an eight-state, binational,
bipartisan effort to clean up polluted areas left by our region's
industrial legacy and restore them to their natural conditions.

- Funding for the National Wildlife Refuge System
is significantly reduced. Since 2012, Openlands has been working to
establish Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge
along the Illinois-Wisconsin border. Projects in support of this
11,500-acre refuge will certainly be affected.

Again, we have beaten back each of these attacks before, and we can do so
again with your voice. The Great Lakes
the National Heritage Areas
and the National Wildlife Refuges
need your support.

Take Action Now
Support Openlands
*Protecting our National Monuments and Public Lands*

Both the infrastructure plan and the proposed budget will make massive
changes to the management of public lands and National Parks. The Secretary
of the Interior would be allowed to run pipelines through the Parks, and
Federal agencies would be permitted to sell-off public lands without
Congressional approval.

These are but the latest attacks on conserved public lands
from this administration, a pattern of attack that strikes at more than
just the natural treasures protected there. Openlands recognizes that many
of these places were saved only after decades of advocacy by native nations
to protect their ancestral homes from development and to honor the health
of these lands. This is an affront not just to those groups, but to all
indigenous peoples who have looked to correct centuries of historical
injustices by permanently protecting land through conservation - it is only
right that we stand in solidarity with all people working towards this

Please speak up now for our National Parks, our National Monuments, and our
public lands.

Take Action Now
Support Openlands
*We have succeeded before and we can do so again. Join us.*

With your support, Openlands successfully delayed these attacks on
conservation last year, but that doesn't mean the fight is over. We need
your support now, more than ever, so we can continue protecting the places
we all love.




*Founded in 1963, Openlands protects the natural and open spaces* of
northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region *to ensure cleaner air and
water*, *protect natural habitats and wildlife*, and help *balance and
enrich our lives*.

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