Date: 2/13/18 12:15 pm
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Subject: Re: [COBOL] Leucistic crow and bald eagles
Hi Kathleen,

I think this is a leucistic raven. My wife and I saw it as we passed the landfill on Sunday. Based on crow-raven interactions I've observed in Bend, they don't seem to tolerate each other much. When there is a murder of crows and only a few ravens, the crows drive off the ravens, but out at the landfill where there are lots of ravens, the ravens dominate, and I rarely see a crow.

Neat bird!


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Subject: [COBOL] Leucistic crow and bald eagles

This morning, at 0845, while traveling north on Knott Road, I saw the leucistic crow fly over the road heading west. He was followed by three bald eagles, all in adult plumage. The crow banked so that I could see his back, and his light sooty gray feathers shimmered in the morning sun. These birds lack melatonin but appear to keep the iridescence of their feathers.
SE Bend

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