Date: 2/13/18 10:51 am
From: colleen snow <c.snow357...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Sandhills No, Bridgewater Eagles Yes
Hello all

I had a few minutes between appointments yesterday and was in the
Manville/Franklin Township area so I looked for the Sandhill Cranes on the
Causeway and some surrounding fields. Didn't see them anywhere and the
river was running too high to expect to see them there.

Coming down Randolph Road toward Weston Canal I was able to observe both
eagles from the Bridgewater nest. One was in a tree slightly upstream and
the other was working on the nest.

In between looking for the cranes and seeing the eagles, I stopped at my
favorite little retention pond on Rutgers Blvd between Randolph and
Schoolhouse. Had a Great Blue Heron, a pair of Green-winged Teal, a drake
Ring-necked Duck, a female or young merganser all in the water. The trees
around the pond had several Blue Jays as well as a mixed flock of smaller
birds. A Red-tailed Hawk cruised overhead behind the trees.

Good birding!

Colleen Snow
Middlesex, NJ

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