Date: 2/13/18 8:24 am
From: Thomas Smith <mrtpjsmith...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Absence of Ruddy Ducks at Assunpink
Hi Bob,

I think it might be the ice cover that has kept the Ruddies scarce. In my
experience (40+ years visiting Assunpink), the Common Mergs are always the
species that pushes the envelope with respect to the ice out on lakes in
central Jersey. Hooded Mergs are less numerous, but also early to arrive.
Assunpink had ice cover until late last week. I'm sure the Ruddies will
appear in good numbers shortly.

Just my two cents.

Tom Smith
Hightstown, NJ

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 10:08 AM, robert dodelson <rdodelson...>

> With all the fuss about the swans at Assunpink this winter there has been
> little discussion about Ruddy Ducks (or lack thereof). Every fall and
> winter until this one Ruddy Ducks have been the most numerous duck species
> on Lake Assunpink except for a period in mid January for a few weeks when
> Common Mergansers hold that title. So far in 2018 I have not seen a single
> one. Others have reported a couple. In previous years it was not uncommon
> to have several hundred daily. Something has changed
> Bob Dodelson
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