Date: 2/13/18 6:36 am
From: Michael Linz <mplinz...>
Subject: Re: Birds and Asian Beetles
Here is a good article on the asian beetle...

My bug guy told me any time I found where they were coming in to vacuum
them up, clean the area as they leave a scent for others, and seal any

Michael Linz

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 10:40 PM, George R. Hoelzeman <vogel...>

> The infestation becomes more biblical each year - but no birds seem to
> have come to the rescue. So what has anyone found that is A) effective
> B)not insanely expensive C) environmentally friendly (if anything eats
> these things) and D) doesn't involve moving to a new house?
> There is one crawling across my laptop screen even as we speak.
> Thanks!
> George

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