Date: 2/12/18 5:40 pm
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Subject: [Tweeters] Arizona Report
I got back late Thursday from a concentrated 4.5 day trip to Arizona chasing some specific target birds.  Specifically I was looking for four ABA Life Birds and five more ABA Life photos.
The Life Birds were Sinaloa Wren, Streak Backed Oriole, Ruddy Ground Dove and Rosy Faced Lovebird.  The ABA Photo birds were Louisiana Waterthrush, LeConte's Thrasher, Black Chinned and Baird's Sparrows and Gilded Flicker.  I missed the Ruddy Ground Doves completely and had to try twice (and go a long way) for the Waterthrush, Streak Backed Oriole and Sinaloa Wren but eventually I was successful with all the others.
I had helpful input from Bill Boyington, Todd Sahl and Melissa Hafting and had excellent guide help for a half day from Richard Fray ( who I met on the De Anza Trail the first time (unsuccessful) I looked for the Sinaloa Wren.  Thank you to all of them.  I will be happy to share information gained on this trip with anyone interested.  I am not expecting to be back in Arizona for a while as I follow other "needs" but it sure is a fun place to bird.  Next stop Texas in April - hoping finally to see a Whooping Crane.

I have written up some of the details/stories from the trip and included lots of photos on three blog posts.  The last (mostly about the Oriole and the Wren) can be found at  Other posts are at 
Blair Bernson
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