Date: 2/12/18 3:47 pm
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Subject: Re: [Arlington Birds] Raven in Arlington Heights
Yay ravens! As Nick (my husband) said, we've been hearing them with increasing regularity near Summer Street over the past two weeks, and I'm 99% sure I saw two today, flying towards the Turkey Hill (blue) water tower and vocalizing. Maybe some nestlings on the way???

We have had maybe once-yearly hearings/sightings over the past 3 years, so to be hearing them more frequently is incredibly exciting for corvid fans like ourselves.

Where in the Heights are you?

-Karin T, raven fan!

Karin Turer - Tugboat23

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Subject: Re: [Arlington Birds] Raven in Arlington Heights

Absolutely! We've been hearing it around Turkey Hill and route 2a for weeks, and my wife just saw two of them this morning. So exciting!




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Subject: [Arlington Birds] Raven in Arlington Heights

I saw a raven Friday in Arlington Heights and I think it's the first time I ever saw one here. It was being scolded by four crows, who were also scolding a red-tail in the vicinity. Anyone else seen ravens in Arlington?

-- John Sharp
Arlington, MA

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