Date: 2/12/18 11:09 am
From: g. g <birdersx5...>
Subject: Snowy owl, Washington County
While doing a WRS route this morning, a SNOWY OWL flew across the road in
front of me. I was able to stop and watch it through bins as it flew across
fields and disappeared. Despite efforts to relocate it, I did not see it
again. There is a lot of good habitat where it was. I may be able to get
out there tomorrow, but if anyone else wants to look for it, this is where
I saw it:

Right near the Cowden Farm along Waterdam Rd near Cherry Valley, just after
Miller Rd. if heading towards Lakeside Dr. The bird flew towards farm
buildings, but kept going, continuing to fly until out of sight.

Good birding,
Gigi Gerben
Washington County
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