Date: 2/12/18 7:42 am
From: Charles Anderson <cmanderson...>
Subject: Out toward Scott
Ruth and I took a cold, dreary drive out highway 165 from Little Rock toward Scott yesterday afternoon to check out some birds she had seen in a flooded field on Saturday.

Sure enough, there were around 100 Snow Geese—adults and juveniles—on the ground in a flooded field along with 10-15 Greater White Fronted Geese on the left side of the road just before the intersection with old Highway 30 near the turn to Willow Beach. They weren’t bothered by all the traffic or by us parked beside the road gawking, but when a lone bicyclist rode by (brrrrr!), they freaked and flew off to the southeast. A few minutes later, several hundred Snow and White Fronted geese flew over headed in the same direction.

We checked out Willow Beach—briefly because of the cold—and saw Mallards, Gadwalls, lots of Scaup (light and distance too much to tell which kind, probably lesser), a Great Blue Heron, Cormorants by the dozen, and a vee of 25 White Pelicans heading toward Little Rock.

On the way out of Willow Beach, we spotted and watched a Northern Harrier hunting in a bare field, counted 7 Red Tailed Hawks, and a saw a multitude of Eastern Meadowlarks as well as a lot of sparrows flitting around in the brush alongside the road. Too cold to stop and study sparrows!

When we passed the flooded field on the way home, only one pair of White Fronted Geese remained.

Not bad for a quick trip on a nasty Sunday afternoon!!

Chuck Anderson

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