Date: 2/12/18 7:35 am
From: Herrmann, Claus C. <Claus.Herrmann...>
Subject: WRS SW Monroe Route #452
County - SW Monroe Route #452
Date - 02/02/2018
Observers- Claus Herrmann & Erica Wulster
Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes- 5 hrs 10 minutes
Start time/End time 11 am / 4:10 pm
Miles on route 52.8 miles

TVs- 0
BVs- 0

Harriers- Total: 3 Ad- 1 Male / 1 Female / ND: 1

Red-tails- Ad./Imm./ND Total: 8 Ad: 5 / Imm: 1 / ND: 2

Rough-legs- Light/Dark 0

Kestrels- M/F/ND-0

Sharp-shins- 0

Cooper's -1 Ad

Red-shoulders- Ad/Imm/ND Total: 2 ad

Bald Eagles- Ad/Imm.-1 Ad

Other raptors ? 0

Shrikes? 0

Avg Temp.- 28
Sky- Clear/Pt cloudy/Cloudy- Partly Cloudy to Cloudy
Wind - Light/medium/strong- Medium to Strong
Avg Snow cover depth - ~ 1 inch of crusty snow/ice

Comments: Harriers were each by themselves. Close up views of female actively hunting fields. RS togethers. Coopers very cooperative for photos.
Thought the day was forecasted to be better conditions then it ended up being. Missed RT's in areas I generally would see them. Sorry for the late report.

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