Date: 2/12/18 6:31 am
From: Vincent Slabe <000000ff24cdb886-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Red-shouldered hawks - Morgantown, Cheat Lake, Fairmont, and Reedsville
Dear Birders-I am a graduate student at WVU studying lead exposure in hawks and eagles.  Currently, I am searching for red-shouldered hawk breeding territories in and around Morgantown, Cheat Lake, Fairmont, and Reedsville. The birds are very vocal this time of year as they enter the courtship period.  I am hoping to locate new territories by visiting areas with documented red-shouldered hawk vocalizations.  I do not need to know the specific location of nests (although this information certainly is useful!), only the general locations of the vocalizations.
If you would like to help out with my research and report red-shouldered hawk vocalizations, sightings, or nest locations, please respond off list by sending an email to <vincentslabe...>   I am currently only looking for red-shouldered hawks in Monongalia, Preston, Marion, and Taylor Counties so please disregard this message if you have knowledge of red-shouldered hawk locations outside of these areas.
Thanks in advance for any assistance!
Vince SlabeMorgantown
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