Date: 2/11/18 9:20 pm
From: Gene Beall <gene.beall...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Barred Owl at Ocean Shores
>From several Tweeter messages today, it sounds like this was quite the
weekend for owl sightings. We spent the weekend at Ocean Shores and
yesterday evening about 7:30pm, we had a Barred Owl land in the yard outside
the sliding glass windows, pounce on a mouse or vole or something, and then
fly up and perch on an old unused bird feeder only 10-12 feet away from us
looking out the sliding doors. The deck/yard lights were on so it all
happened in plain view. Quite a treat for the whole family. Here's a link
to a photo that I took with my Samsung cell phone:

I also took a walk out to the Oyhut Game Preserve on Saturday. There were
at least several thousand small shorebirds.mostly Western Sandpipers as far
as I could tell, with a few plovers and half a dozen Greater Yellowlegs. I
watched a Peregrine Falcon scatter the flocks several came away
with breakfast on one occasion as I watched.

Good birding!

Gene Beall



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