Date: 2/11/18 8:30 pm
From: J Christian Kessler <1northraven...>
Subject: [Tweeters] good day at Skagit Flats
took my (non-birding) wife up to see the flocks of Snow Geese today & have
lunch in La Conner. Found what looked like two separate very large flocks
in the fields just opposite, of all places, Snow Goose Produce Market. In
looking thru the flock right beside the road, several "blue" geese were
right there, and so was a lone dark phase Ross' Goose, smaller with its
distinctive facial & wing markings.
Samish flats failed to produce more than a smattering of Snow Geese, but
one Gyr on Bay View - Edison Rd ~quarter mile south of Samish Island Rd.
Had what looked like a fly-over Merlin further south, but it was moving
fast & so (to a degree) was I. The West 90s were good for some Tundra
Swans close to the road. Otherwise what appeared to be the usual species,
but today was really a highlights day. Only thing that would have made it
better would have been for my wife to see a few thousand Snow Geese flush,
circle, and land nearby -- but the Bald Eagles we saw where not patrolling
the flocks when we were there.

Chris Kessler

"moderation in everything, including moderation"
Rustin Thompson

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