Date: 2/11/18 4:21 pm
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Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Snohomish Co. Pygmy-Owl
Hi Marv,

Its a lucky day whenever we get to witness owls and their behavior. That
was a "concealing" behavior. All Owls try to break up the "typical owl
shape" when the perceive threat. For nearly all species this involves just
what you describe. I have seen this with Elf Owls, Saw-whets, Boreals,
Long-eared, Short-eared, Screech Owls, Snowy Owls, and both Northern and
Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls and even the Northern Hawk Owls. Owls with
"ear-tufts" also involve their tufts. Owls considered "earless/tuftless"
such as Pygmy-Owls and Snowy Owls sometimes even manage to show residual
tufts. I have seen this behavior in response to potential predators such
as Eagles, Hawks and larger owls.

Some examples:
Snowy Owl Concealment/Cryptic

Northern Hawk Owl

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Short-eared Owl:

Northern Pygmy-Owl


On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 2:09 PM, Marv Breece <marvbreece...> wrote:

> Yesterday (2.10.18) there was a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL at the end of 220th St
> NE in Snohomish County. This is accessed off of 7th Ave NE off of
> Pioneer Hwy E, a short distance west of I5. (SE of Silvana)
> As I watched this bird it stood straight up and shrunk its body to *a
> diameter much smaller than its unshrunken head*. The size of the
> shrunken body was a fraction of normal. The bird looked very odd! The
> process took but a few seconds, after which the bird immediately returned
> to normal dimensions. The bird remained perched in the same place for
> several minutes after the “shrinking”. Unfortunately, I was not filming at
> the time. Whether this was concealing or revealing behavior, I cannot
> say. I was quite distant from the bird. There could easily have been
> another bird which posed a threat that I did not see.
> If anyone reading this has had a similar experience with a Pygmy-Owl I
> would appreciate hearing about it.
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