Date: 2/11/18 3:55 pm
From: Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: 2 more ideas
Here are 2 ideas that will help birds. Do you have pine cones in your
yard. Here is what we use them for. We put a layer of peanut butter on
the pine cone. Then roll them in bird seed and hang them with string or
twisties where ever you want them, Idea 2. Do you use tube feeders with
4 or 6 ports. have you ever noticed that the bottom bird seed below the
bottom port has mold on them. Im not sure but that mold could be bad for
birds so here is what we do. Buy fish tank sand. Then pour some sand
into the feeder to just below the bottom ports. That way water that
enters the feeder wont help create mold on the seed. I feel better safe
than sorry that you helped kill a few birds with mold

Herb Flavell, Gods Knob, Milk Can Corners Susquehanna County'
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