Date: 2/11/18 3:09 pm
From: Elise W <ewolf97...>
Subject: [COBOL] MBTA Bulletin just some info
Bulletin had an article today on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. In case
people want to know, USNews did a report that gave these figures, citation

64 million birds a year = power lines
7 million = communication towers
Climate change/coal = 8 million
1-3 million = industrial waste ponds (mainly water birds like grebes,
loons, others)
328,000 = wind turbines
50,000 = solar (includes the 28k from just one field in SoCA, likely way

Cats 1+ billion

(Oil spills are not included but are likely in the millions. The BP was
charged under the MBTA for 1 million birds, but we know that number was so
conservative as to render it ridiculous. The vast majority of birds killed
by oil, small or large spills, are never seen or found, they get oiled but
not enough to die immediately, rather they fly off to a death of
hypothermia and subsequent starvation.)

(*USNEWS Report

Elise Wolf
Native Bird Care

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