Date: 2/11/18 2:59 pm
From: Erika Wilson <terika88...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Sierra Vista EOP--11 Feb 2018
Hi, birders,

An enthusiastic group of 14 walked the Sierra Vista EOP dikes this morning,
including visitors from Ontario and Minnesota. The group tally was 53
species at the end of the walk.

Best birds were two Hooded Mergansers in basic/winter plumage in a large
mixed duck flock at the Moson Road impoundments. There are only a few
records of this species for the the EOP.

Other birds of interest were a) two Tree Swallows; b) two Wilson's Snipe at
the main impoundments and six Wilson's Snipe at the Moson Road
impoundments; c) one Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in scrubby vegetation; and d)
close views of Horned Larks on the embankment among the stones.

In addition to the expected Am. Kestrels in the area, we had a "Prairie"
Merlin perch briefly and then fly over several times, as well as an
actively hunting immature Peregrine Falcon in a very dark plumage. The
ratio of Vesper to Savannah Sparrows has done a complete turn about in the
past fortnight. Last month there were abundant Savannahs and few Vespers.
Today it was abundant Vespers everywhere, with only a handful of Savannahs.

To end the morning, we had a female Anna's Hummingbird hawking for insects
from the Arizona Cypress shelter belt.

Cheers, Erika Wilson

Erika Wilson, Sierra Vista, AZ

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