Date: 2/11/18 11:24 am
From: Jenkins, Maurice A. <alanjenkins...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Signs of Spring
Michael, Concerning your observation of Bald Eagles engaging talons and whirling, did you notice or have an idea of the sexes of the two entwined eagles? That is, was it a case of two of the same sex whirling or were the whirlers of different sexes, or maybe this was something you couldn't feel sure of?

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Subject: [obol] Signs of Spring

Friday 2/09/2018, the same pleasant day that Row Lowe observed murres at Yaquina Head, I observed gulls harassing adult bald eagles on Siletz Bay, energy usually reserved until nesting. There are 3 BAEA pair on the bay. Both birds of one pair chased both birds of another pair, one bird caught up, engaging talons of the territory transgressor, resulting in a spiral of one rotation before disengaging. Always cool!


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