Date: 2/11/18 9:47 am
From: Allan Mueller <akcmueller...>
Subject: Sharpie Antics
In the middle of our feeder complex we have a Bradford pear (yes, I know it
is not native) that I trim every year resulting in a flat top of many
small branches. Yesterday morning walking into the kitchen I noticed no
birds on the feeders, and looking into the pear located a little juvenile,
male Sharp-shinned Hawk. Cool. Then I noticed movement on the other side
of the tree, a Carolina Wren was sharing the pear branches with the hawk.
The Sharpie moved around looking for the wren, and, of course, the wren
moved out of sight, and out of talon range. This went on for a few
minutes, until the wren made a break for it, with the Sharpie hot on its
tail. They quickly left my view, so I do not know the final outcome of this
drama (life and death), but I think the wren got away, leaving the young
Sharpie to find a new spot to refine his hunting skills.

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