Date: 2/11/18 7:50 am
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Subject: Re: Question: Jefferson Co Snowy Owl
I would suggest that if there is knowledge that the landowners do not want visitors that all consider not going to the area, regardless of adjacent roadways. Many often wonder why landowners will not allow visitation and this is a prime example of how bad relations can get started.

If it were a permanent location for an occurrence of something it would be best to approach the landowner in an organized manner, make them aware of the interest for visitation, with all guidelines set by the landowner and strictly followed by all.
For a fleeting occurrence I would not push the kindness of private landowners and potentially spoil the future for all. Always tread very lightly with regards to private land owners.

Consider if the roles were reversed and how you might feel if people from all over the state were parking near and investigating your land.

Just my feeble two cents.
Athens, WV

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Subject: Question: Jefferson Co Snowy Owl

I saw on eBird that the landowners of the Jefferson County snowy owl don't want visitors. Is the owl visible from the road? Is it okay to drive by and view it from our car?

Mollee Brown

Mollee Brown
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