Date: 2/10/18 5:56 pm
From: Bruce Mast <cathrasher4...> [EBB_Sightings] <EBB_Sightings-noreply...>
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Continuing Vesper Sparrow at Briones Regional Park, Contra Costa County
Hey folks,
I finally made the trek up the ridge to Sindicich Lagoons in search of
sparrows. Arriving at the upper pond at the junction of Briones Crest Trail
and Lagoon Trail, I located a small flock of Savannah Sparrows hunkered
down on in the grass on the north side of the pond but nothing else
unusual. I checked out the lower lagoon and enjoyed nice views of a
White-tailed Kite, some dabbling ducks, and a swirling flock of Tree
Swallows. A Common Gallinule waded through the far lily pads.

Back to the upper lagoon, this time the sparrow flock had moved closer to
the water on the north side of the pond, between the water and the fence.
Lo and behold, one bird was bigger and paler with a nice white eye-ring.
Vesper Sparrow! County bird.

Full checklist with photos at:

Check out the molt pattern on the Kite. Also note the swarm of Tree
Swallows checking out the bluebird box (and the bluebirds on full alert).

Bird on,

Bruce Mast

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