Date: 2/10/18 12:40 pm
From: Phil Keener <000000761ae5c4e1-dmarc-request...>
Subject: WRS Results - NE Adams County - Rte 011
County - Adams

Date - 2/10/18

Observers- Randy Phillips, Phil Keener

Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes- 3 hrs 57 mins

Start time/End time 10:20 am/2:17 pm

Miles on route - 58.0 


TVs - 107 (99 of them in a roost along Cedar Ridge Rd)

BVs- NONE ( I think this is the first "miss" for this species on this route.)


Harriers- 1 immature


Red-tails- 23 Total; 18 A/2 IMM/3 ND


Rough-legs- NONE


Kestrels- M/F/ND- 9 Total; 4M/2F/3ND


Sharp-shins- NONE


Cooper's - 1 Adult


Red-shoulders- 2 Total, both adults


Bald Eagles- 3 Total; 2 A/1 Imm


Other raptors  - 2 Unidentified

Shrikes - NONE
Other Birds of Note - 4 Horned Lark, 2 Wild Turkey

Avg Temp.- 38F

Sky- Cloudy to start with mist/drizzle starting at 11:30 am and then light ground fog starting around 1:00 pm. (Eroding weather didn't seem to depress birds/hr count when comparing start to end but we suspect numbers would have been better if rain/ground fog had held off.)  

Wind - Calm
Avg Snow Depth - Trace to 1". 
 Phil Keener East Berlin Adams County
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