Date: 2/10/18 5:55 am
From: Josh Donaldson <jd425...>
Subject: Re: Best tripods/heads for Vortex Razor HD 20-6020-60x85?
Consider the "Slik" brand tripods, very economical but well built in Japan. If with extendable legs I prefer the ones with latch locks over the twist type locks because they are faster to use and you can visibly confirm which ones are locked and which may be loose. There is also a sole Slik head that really impresses me, its the Slik "master classic" head. Also made in Japan of all light weight but metal parts. Here is what I like about it - a single handle loosens and locks both pan and tilt. You would have to try it to truly appreciate it but with one hand you can loosen it to quickly find or track a bird, and then with a twist solidly lock it in a stationary position. I don't believe this head comes with any of their tripods, it is sold separately but very reasonable (around $60). Are you getting an angled or straight scope? I prefer straight for quickly locating birds but the tripod may need to be just a tad higher.
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