Date: 2/9/18 1:59 pm
From: Roselie Overby <0000005a14a66d60-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Grand Lake
I have been lax in getting out to do any bird counts, so I ran up to Grand Lake before the next round of rain started.  I've obviously missed most of the waterfowl, but the 678 Ruddy Ducks were questioned by eBird.  Six Buffleheads, a few Pb Grebes, Am Coots, DC Cormorants and one White Pelican were about all that I saw on the lake.  I could hear geese calling, probably on other side of levee and saw one flock of Snow Geese fly over.  I kept checking off the usual land birds and ended up with 31 species.  Link to the list with a few cloudy day photos is below.
Roselie Overby

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