Date: 2/9/18 12:22 pm
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: House Finch - yellow variant?
My weird looking little House Finch showed up again yesterday afternoon
allowing me to get a shaky video of him.   If anyone has a better ID I'd
appreciate hearing it.

Perhaps it is my imagination but the upper part of his bill almost
appears to be hooked at the tip.

Those gorgeous Waxwings are still here.

A couple of years ago a female Bluebird would hop on the kitchen window
sill and look in to let me know that the mealworms or suet on the tray
needed refilling.  Several times this week a male Bluebird has developed
the same habit.  Of course there is no way you can resist that look. 
You just stop what you are doing and give him what he wants.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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