Date: 2/9/18 9:13 am
From: CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Sisyphus triumphant; retraction

When the Pink-footed Goose was reported again today by Denise Farrell, I was indeed in another meeting, but the Fates were kinder. When I arrived, the bird was not only visible, it was right in the front of the whole flock, identifiable by its pink legs with the naked eye. Thanks to Carole Hughes who made the second post and who hung around long enough while writing up her list on E-Bird to drive up to where I was searching to offer encouragement. I was able to pay it forward by pointing out the bird to two Virginia birders (nice license plate: "SNOW OWLS") who arrived shortly thereafter. As they said, "We wish all ABA Class 4 birds were this easy!"

Carole commented that she thought that the driver of the truck who scared off all the geese yesterday may, in fact, have been fulfilling a completely different assignment: clearing all the fallen limbs, twigs, and branches from trees in the area. Carole saw her collecting wood debris as her vehicle sat on the sidewalk. Scaring away all the geese may have been an unfortunate happenstance. So I retract my ire from yesterday.

Good goosing!

Marc Chelemer

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Too bad the state and department of agriculture folks can't learn to be patient. These migratory flocks will on their way northward soon.

Medford NJ

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