Date: 2/9/18 7:32 am
From: Bud Anderson <falconresearch...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Need raptor ID help
Alexandra MacKenzie's raptor photo is misleading to many because the upward
angle of the shot compresses the bird, suggesting that it is far more
compact than it really is.

Because of this, people are thinking Broad-wing, which are being seen more
frequently these days. But it doesn't quite fit.

If you look closely, this bird becomes what the original person said it
was, a juvenile Cooper's Hawk.

And I will confess that I shared this photo with my friend, Bill Clark, and
we discussed it thoroughly.

This opinion is based on the following characters.

First, the toes are bird catching accipitrine toes, long and thin, not
buteo toes.

Second, the breast streaking is in the form of the classic extended tear
drop, so typical of juvenile Cooper's Hawks.

Sharp-shins have wider "paint-brush" breast markings, often overlaid in
"chains" of feathers. The toes are also thinner in Sharpies and the eye is
larger in proportion to the head.

There is also an adventitious adult Cooper's Hawk feather located in the
birds left flank.

Finally, although the tail feathers look a bit like SSHA, I think the
foreshortening is also compressing the outer tips, which are much shorter
in COHAs than SSHAs.

Are there any more photos available of this bird?

Bud Anderson

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