Date: 2/9/18 7:30 am
From: Scott Loss <scottrloss...>
Subject: Least Grebe - Lake Carl Blackwell (tentative retraction of sighting)

I may have gotten over-excited when spotting this bird in the field. It may
not be a Least Grebe, as it is dark-eyed and has a bill that looks too
thick. However, it is also strange for a pied-billed grebe (seemed too
small, too short-necked and too small-billed for a "normal" Pied-billed
Grebe, even a juvenile). The jury is still out, but probably don't hop in
your cars to drive to Stillwater just yet! I guess it could be a
micro-sized/aberrant pied-billed grebe. If you'd like, please check out the
photo on the OOS page and provide insight.


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