Date: 2/9/18 7:02 am
From: Lester Block <lesterblock311...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Brig closures
Forsythe posted the closure on this site on 2/2/18. That is less than a week ago (from your visit). Had you kept up with the thread, you might have seen the closure listed. You did mention it was your own fault when you said you failed to scroll down the Forsythe FB page. We should all be thankful for what we have at Forsythe. The staff there works hard. Considering the current political climate and proposed budget cuts, we are lucky to have a staff there that is responsible enough to communicate specifically with those of us in this group (birders). Sorry to hear you haven't seen the Snowy Owls. They have been regulars lately. By the way, you might also find the Friends of Forsythe group on FB, or even join their group. They have been posting information about the closures on a regular basis.
Wishing you good birding. Enjoy and cherish Forsythe and its employees and volunteers.
Lester Block
Galloway Township, NJ

> On February 8, 2018 at 7:57 PM Rabbi Ilene Schneider <marltonbirder...> wrote:
> I posted this earlier in Facebook:
> I went to Brig today. (Forsythe NWR). I should have known something was
> going on when the entry fee was waived for the day. My next hint was when
> cars on the one-way Wildlife Dr. were coming towards me. Turns out, about
> 3/4 of the drive is closed for storm damage repairs. (I thought the
> regrading and new surface materials were supposed to prevent such damage.)
> I might not have minded as much – because I wouldn't have gone today – if I
> hadn't checked both the website and the Facebook page for the Refuge
> earlier and seen nothing listed about the closure. There is a notice, it
> turns out, on the Facebook page, but it is so far down the page that I
> didn't scroll enough. It would have been nice of them to have pinned the
> announcement to the top of the page so it would've been the first thing
> seen. And speaking of seeing, the only species of note was the
> first-of-season Red-winged Blackbirds. No sightings of the elusive
> extralimital visitor from the far north, at least not by me.
> Ilene
> Marlton
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