Date: 2/9/18 6:45 am
From: James Phillips <jimandjudyphillips...>
Subject: Re: great day for raptors!
Charlie & all,
I haven't seen it yet either. I need to watch longer and hopefully catch
them carrying in nest material. Jim Worles says it is above Rt. 20 between
Bluestone Dam and the intersection with Rt. 3. A drilling company has a
trailer office with a fenced in area just before you get to the Rt. 20/Rt.
3 jct. He said he could see the nest from the southern end of the fence.
Hope this helps. If anyone gets better directions please share.
If you have a chance, be sure to check out the 2/8/2018 issue of The Monroe
Watchman, Section 2, Page 6. Brian Hirt & Rodney Davis are identified as
the primary "movers and shakers" in the Friends of Hanging Rock group and
there are some of Brian's fantastic photographs of the area.
Spring Eagle Survey will be March 3, 2018.

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 10:25 PM, Charles Kahle <cbillkahle...> wrote:

> Went to Hinton area today for a eagle fix: saw some 18 or so bald eagles,
> 3 red tails, 1 gorgeous immature golden eagle. Most were at mouth of
> Bluestone river on Bluestone lake-one bald adult across river from Bell
> Pointe, two adults on nest at Brooks. Jim, be curious about location of
> nest at Bell Pointe, as I never located
> Charlie Kahle
> On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 7:50 PM, James Phillips <
> <jimandjudyphillips...> wrote:
>> Judy had another snow day(actually, this time because of ice) today and
>> we noticed that the county we live in was on 2 hour delay and neighboring
>> Monroe County schedule was normal. So, we headed to Gap Mills, bought lunch
>> and ate at a roadside rest at the base of Peters Mountain.
>> During our drive we kept a list of roadside raptors and ended up with a
>> really good count--
>> 15 Red-tailed Hawks
>> 14 American Kestrels
>> 1 Red-shouldered Hawk
>> 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk
>> at least 23 Bald eagles, could have been more(all of these, but one, were
>> at the mouth of the Bluestone River on Bluestone Lake)
>> Non raptor event was the large number of American Robins and Cedar
>> Waxwings feeding in the red cedars.
>> Jim & Judy Phillips
>> Summers County
>> Pipestem, WV
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