Date: 2/8/18 9:40 pm
From: <obol-bounce...>
Subject: [obol] Fort Stevens Crossbills continue
I found at least 8-10 White-winged Crossbills mixed with a flock of 40+ Red
Crossbills this morning. They were spread out on several trees at any one
time and were quite difficult to accurately count. Birds were relatively
quiet in the constant light rain and mist. I found the flock along Burma
Road due west of Battery Russell. They were feeding on spruce cones
mostly, but also alder. They were chattering quietly almost constantly
while I watched. Ebird checklist with a few photos and decent audio of
what I've heard referred to as their "trumpet" call below:

I also looked and listened unsuccessfully for the Brownsmead waterthrush in
the afternoon. Conditions were less than ideal, so doesn't mean it's not
still there. I did see 3 eurasian wigeons and 50-100 tree swallows in the

Good birding,

Philip Kline

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