Date: 2/8/18 6:15 pm
From: Phil Keener <000000761ae5c4e1-dmarc-request...>
Subject: WRS Route Results - SE Fulton - Rt #291
County - Fulton

Date - 2/8/18

Observers- Phil Keener

Total time actually surveying Hours:Minutes-  0 hrs 57 mins

Start time/End time - 1:00pm/ 1:57pm

Miles on route - 14.1





Harriers- 1 TOTAL, 1 Juvenile


Red-tails- NONE


Rough-legs- NONE


Kestrels- 2 TOTAL, 1 M, 1 F


Sharp-shins- NONE


Cooper's - NONE


Red-shoulders- NONE


Bald Eagles-  NONE


Other raptors - 1 Short-eared Owl - Big surprise to me. In exceptionally bright sunlight with additional reflecting light from ice coverage. Along Heavenly Acres Rd. Very cooperative, perched on fence posts along road and would make occasional forays over the field but would always return to a post. Maybe the extremely heavy ice coverage made it a rough 36 hours for foraging and was forced to daylight activity while there was some evidence of ice melt. 

Shrikes NONE
Other Birds of Note - NONE

Avg Temp.- 27F

Sky- Mostly Sunny

Wind - Calm
Avg Snow cover depth - 1-2" but extremely heavy ice coverage on trees, grasses, wires, and road signs. Heavier icing than the area covered on the SW Fulton WRS run an hour earlier. If this area would have had wind following this ice event there would have been potential for a lot of tree damage. 
Phil KeenerEast BerlinAdams County
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