Date: 2/8/18 5:59 pm
From: Terry Bronson <tbronsonbirds...>
Subject: Mid-Ohio River Valley--Fox Sparrow, Mute Swan, Long-tailed Duck
A very long day began at the St. Marys Marina in Pleasants County, followed
by stops in Wood, Mason, Jackson, and Wood County again, ending at the
Belleville Ohio River access site about 8.5 hours later. Highlights:

St. Marys Marina:

Canada Goose--109

Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge--Middle Island:

Peregrine Falcon--1 adult perched on the highest point of the
superstructure of the Ohio River Bridge, which would put it in Ohio per
Google Maps.

French Creek Public Access Site, mostly frozen:

Bald Eagle--3 immatures. 2 second-year birds in the adjacent field, and 1
other immature flying over the river about 0.5 mile south.

Willow Island Lock and Dam:

Ring-billed Gull--2
No ducks or geese at all.

Ohio River Islands NWR--Visitor Center feeders:

Dark-eyed Junco--2
White-throated Sparrow--12
Fox Sparrow--1
Eastern Towhee--3 males

After lunch, McClintic Wildlife Management Area, 4 different areas. All
ponds were frozen, except for the 2 large eastern ponds, which were only
partly frozen:

Canada Goose--216
Mute Swan--1 continuing bird
Redhead--10 drakes
Red-shouldered Hawk--1
White-throated Sparrow--25
Song Sparrow--20
Swamp Sparrow--2
Eastern Towhee--2 males

Racine Lock and Dam:

Canada Goose--250
Herring Gull--3
European Starling--1 mostly white leucistic bird among a flock of 30.

Ravenswood Washington's Riverfront Park:

Ring-billed Gull--125

Belleville Lock and Dam:

Scaup species--5, too distant to tell species
Common Goldeneye--2
Long-tailed Duck--1 male extremely distant. Reported earlier in day by
Mountwood Bird Club field trip. Only identifiable by the all-white head and
mostly dark body. Unsatisfying view.
Red-breasted Merganser--1
Ring-billed Gull--150
Herring Gull--12

Belleville Ohio River Access Site, wetlands completely frozen:

Mallard--75 along river shore to north of fishing dock

Terry Bronson
Morgantown, WV
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