Date: 2/8/18 3:15 pm
From: Karenne Snow <njwren46...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] The frustrations of wild goose chases
Too bad the state and department of agriculture folks can't learn to be
patient. These migratory flocks will on their way northward soon.

Medford NJ

On Feb 8, 2018 5:11 PM, "B.G. Sloan" <bgsloan3...> wrote:

> Marc,
> I have watched a truck with US Department of Agriculture labeling do
> the same thing several times this winter in Johnson Park (Middlesex
> County). Light colored pickup truck with a red kayak in the back.
> Drives out on the park lawn with the obvious intention of chasing away
> a flock of geese. Doesn't seem like a particularly effective method to
> chase away geese, since they are always there....
> Bernie Sloan
> Highland Park
> On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 4:24 PM, CHELEMER, MARC J <mc2496...> wrote:
> > Jerseybirders,
> >
> > David Bernstein's exceptional find of a Pink-footed Goose in Warinanco
> Park (Roselle, NJ) last week occurred when I was in the middle of a
> conference call. I eventually got to the park (much later), but there was
> not a single goose to be found in the entire area, nor in nearby smaller
> parks. Oh well, I thought, chalk up a miss.
> >
> > Today, David reported the bird back in Warinanco and I was AGAIN on a
> conference call. This time, I headed right for my car when it was over. I
> arrived at the area and saw loads of geese, both in the pond and in the
> area where Ray Duffy, in a follow-on post, had indicated that the
> Pink-footed Goose was feeding with a small, separate group of Canadas.
> >
> > As I rounded the pond, I noticed a white truck turning off the road,
> onto a sidewalk, and heading right towards the geese! With heart sinking,
> I found a parking space, exited my car, only to hear and see the entire
> gaggle...all the birds which had been in the water and the small flock
> where the PFGO had been...take wing with loud alarm calls and fly off to
> the southeast, out of the park. Talk about being a minute too late. I met
> Ed Zboyan, who said that the truck had State of New Jersey markings; it was
> a wildlife management department truck, and it clearly intentionally drove
> right into the goose flock with the intent to flush them.
> >
> > Besides the incredible frustration at having missed this fine bird,
> again, by literally one minute (I probably could have seen it if I had just
> stopped my car along the road and scanned the small flock, as it took a few
> moments for the truck to flush them-they were the furthest group from the
> roadway), I am wondering if anyone knows why the State does this: have
> users of the park complained about the geese and their droppings? Is there
> the perception that wild geese should not be encouraged to feed on grass?
> >
> > Hoping that the bird and its CANG companions return tomorrow; if so,
> I'll be back.
> >
> > Good birding,
> >
> > Marc Chelemer
> > Tenafly
> >
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